Dominican blog reflection for Christmas, December 25

Is. 52: 7-10; Heb. 1:1-6;

John 1: 1-18.

Isaiah tells us that before our eyes the Lord is restoring man and all will behold the salvation of our God. No matter how bleak the situations are in the world, we have unwavering trust in God. He is the King of all creation and fulfills His promises of love and restoration.

In Hebrews we are reminded that He sustains all things by His mighty Word. He stooped to rescue us from the yoke of sin by taking our nature and living perfectly as a human. His love for all His creation was met by hate from those who hold worldly power and influence. They wanted the power that was His, again repeating the sin of our first parents. Opposition to us as professing Christians cannot deter us from our mission to make Him known and loved.

In John’s gospel we see that all things came to be through Him, yet, most men refused to recognize Him. Persecution did not stop His love nor deflect Him from His saving mission. He broke the yoke of slavery of men to sin. We now have the choice to reject or serve God. He gave us the path to everlasting lifewith our omnipotent Creator. 

The choice is ours. The path to Him is narrow and difficult. We can’t even imagine the wonders of life with and in Him. Nor can we fully recognize the truly tragic path of rejecting Him and being forever separated from Love. Our loving Savior has restored joy, hope and salvation to His creation. Let us rejoice in this wonderful celebration of His coming.

Mrs. Marilyn Pipkin, OP

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