What we do

We preach ~ In our everyday lives, we come into contact with many people, some of whom we know, some we don’t. Every single person is made in the image and likeness of God; they are entitled to know who they are in God’s eyes.

When we know the truth, the world has no power over us. We, as children of God, are empowered through our Creator, the author of all life, to overcome the worldly influence that is detrimental to our souls. Our Dominican charism is to preach the truth to everyone who will listen. We thirst to bring souls to Christ. Preaching truth is how we accomplish this mission.

The Sermon on the Mount Carl Bloch, 1890

We teach ~ Many Lay Dominicans are teachers in both the secular world and their parishes. We learn something and want to share that knowledge with others. It’s not something that we can hold back because it’s part of the charism of the Order of Preachers. It’s one way that helps us discern this vocation.

Preaching is accomplished in many ways; teaching is just one of them. Many of us are catechists in our own parishes. We teach both adults and children, including their entrance into the Church in an RCIA program, we lead bible studies, teach sacrament preparation classes, formative classes, lead book clubs, and we ‘re sponsors and God-parents to those seeking to receive sacraments.

We write ~ Some of us are authors, some are publishers, some are publishing editors, some are bloggers, some are radio hosts, but all of us are preachers. What we learn, what we understand, the fruits of our study and contemplation, our lived experience of God’s plan in our lives, all of these things we share with others so that they might come to grasp all that God offers them. We help people connect the dots so they can invite God into their everyday lives.

We pray ~ We live ordered lives. Sometimes that’s hard to do in this chaotic world. We rely on each other in our community to keep us strong in times of temptation. We are sinners too, and we have made a commitment to live by a rule that includes daily prayer. We pray the rosary and the Liturgy of the Hours Morning and Evening prayer every day.

Living a sacramental life is essential to us. It helps keep us grounded in our faith. Living in the world, especially in a world that is so confusing, so anti-tradition and amoral, is where God calls us to do this most important work: bringing souls to Him. Prayer is essential in keeping us true to this mission.

We give ~ We offer our time, talents and treasure to support the mission of the Church. All Christians are called to do the same. Understanding the importance of this, we do it without expectation, without regret, we just freely give. Bringing souls to Christ is an enormous job, in fact it’s the most important job ever, and so many workers are needed, yet there are so few willing to serve.

The Order of Preachers understands this so very well. This is why we have workers in all parts of life: Religious, Parish, and Laity. We give our lives to God, to be His workers in the mission of gathering those who desire to spend eternity with the Lord.

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