St. Dominic by Claudio Coello, ca. 1685, oil on canvas, Prado Museum, Madrid, Spain, Public Domain

Who are we?

We are faithful Catholics who are formed in the Order of Preachers and are formally known as Lay Dominicans. We are lay people who live in the world, united by and faithful to the charism of St. Dominic.

Our Mission

We preach the Word of God, helping everyone around us to know and love God. We thirst to bring souls to Christ. That is the mission of the Order of Preachers. As laypeople, we live and preach in all of the places the friars are not able to be.

Our History

Our group is centered in Cedaredge, Colorado. We work and pray within one mission and two parish churches. We are the first Lay Dominican group  to be formed and established on the western slope of Colorado, and the first group in the Order of Preachers to be formed completely via internet streaming. We have proven that this method of formation is viable and useful in establishing competent, faithful Lay Dominican groups regardless of their proximity to other established chapters.

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