The First Earthly Creature to Love Christ

August Walkowski

Blog Post for May 14, 2023

This Sunday we celebrate not only the Sixth Sunday of Easter, but also Mother’s Day. While our Blessed Mother is not mentioned in this account from John, we are able to glean from it numerous examples of Mary. Jesus shares that those who keep His Father’s commandments in turn love Him; He goes on to say that He will be sending an Advocate that remains with them. As we know from the Gospel accounts, Mary was overshadowed by this “Advocate” who we know to be the Holy Spirit and conceived in her womb the Christ-Child. With her fiat mihi secundum verbum tuum she became the first earthly creature to love Jesus as He is requesting. And just as Christ assures us thatHe will not leave us orphans, our Blessed Mother doesn’t leave us orphans either. We can entrust ourselves to her care and she will intercede for us, taking that love she’s had for Jesus since His conception and encouraging us to have that same love and trust for her Divine Son. 

As would any good mother, Mary looks out for our best interest and genuinely cares about each of her children. She wants them to know and love Jesus so that they may also know and love God the Father. As we continue to entrust ourselves to her care and emulate her virtue to attain deeper closeness to Christ, we must first recognize the Holy Spirit’s activity in our lives and conform ourselves to Him. By seeking such uniformity with the Paradigm of all divine virtue, we will lack nothing.Jesus encourages us to seek union with God; if we seek and acquire union with God, we acquire union with Christ and withHis Holy Spirit.

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