This Holy Week…

I hope we take the opportunity this Holy week to meet Christ on the road to his Passion.  To walk with him and pray for what HE wants of us. We all have a mission in this life, to act as Jesus did, to clothe ourselves in a robe of light and serve with happiness’.  The mission for each of us is different, day by day it can change.  We are to serve and preach to the brokenhearted.  Our souls are the welcoming branches.

He came to do the will of God,  He put the law of God into our hearts and our minds.  He chose to live among us, to have the human experience. He came for the sinners that they may know hope through salvation. When you’re in your darkest place, when you have no one; Jesus will be there and  put out his hand of mercy  to you.  God desires mercy, not sacrifice; the more mercy we give, the more Christ like we become. The more we become vessels of the living water.

I Pray that Holy week for all of you is full of God’s grace.

Mrs. Denise Fourroux-Fedie, OP

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