Sunday Jan. 29, 2023

I wanted to write on the beauty of the beatitudes and the readings of today and how they are still prevalent in our time; but The Holy Spirit is impressing upon me to write about Marylin today, and how our friend Marylin has embodied The Beatitudes and lives them every day.

Marilyn has always been humble and her heart was not set upon riches of this earth; she introduced us to Monique and the children of the Congo that we are blessed to have as our apostolate. She’s always been meek before the Lord and accepting of what her journey would be; I know that the God of Mercy has given her comfort. As a Dominican she hungers and thirsts after justice, especially for unborn babies, their mothers and those who have survived Abortion; she has shown mercy to a middle aged woman, who still had a hurting 15 year girl inside of her heart.

You are the salt of the earth and a peacemaker.  A light in our lives that will be our guide.  I love you, and I thank God for you.

Mrs. Denise Fourroux – Fedie, OP

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