Hounds of the Lord

As Dominicans, we are the “Hounds of the Lord.

We howl and bark with great glee. Sometimes, a gentle nipping, but its all done with love. if you don’t believe me, attend one of our meetings; and bring your “outside voice”.

Our readings today speak of our Pastors and leadership in the Church, and how important it is to be a good shepherd to the flock. We know that the shepherd, always has his dogs to help him. The dogs step in on the outer perimeter to assist, one man cannot guard against the wolves alone.

We know that the mantle of shepherd can be heavy at times, The good shepherd will go through rivers and walk-through fire to protect the flock, and after all of that, still love the flock, andstill loves being a shepherd.

What happens if the Shepherd is injured and can no longer protect the flock? Or the shepherd flees from the flock when he sees the wolves coming; he’s afraid for his own life; leaving the flock helpless against the attack? 


When the shepherd is no longer able to protect the flock; thedogs surround the flock, against the wolves.    The dog’s help shepherd the flock and circle them; they take the bite of the wolf to protect the flock.

The dogs are always faithful to the flock, and never break their circle of protection. They will die for the flock.

Mrs. Denise Fedie, OP

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