Sunday Reflection

Reflection for 08-21-2022

By Ms. C. A. Riley, OP

The Gospel according to Luke 13:22-30

In a world full of “I need it now, and everything according to me.” We listen to Jesus tell us that the path to Heaven is narrow and even though many will try to make it, few will.  He tells us that when the time comes, and the feast begins many will be looking on from the other side, grinding and wailing their teeth, for evil cannot enter the Kingdom of God.  I pray my brothers and sisters that we are able to detach from sin here in this life, so that when we are called to the feast of our Lord that we may all enter the Kingdom with ease. As Father Mike would say, “I am praying for you, will you pray for me?”

One thought on “Sunday Reflection”

  1. It is amazing how shepherds and ranchers know their animals. Each animal has a personality of its own. I doesn’t surprise me that a shepherd or rancher would miss one of his or her wayward animal.


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