Reflection for Divine Mercy Sunday April 24, 2022

Jesus speaks clearly to us when he says that he desires Mercy not sacrifice. Jesus does not withhold his mercy from us, so why should we withhold our Mercy from others? We can think of several reasons why not to forgive someone, not to stop and assist the poor and suffering, we’re too busy, to overwhelmed to become involved. It’s easy to say, “I’ll give a donation; how much can I write a check for?”

Jesus says, “Blessed are the merciful, for they shall be shown Mercy.” We are living the call of Christ to be merciful; Jesus is the model for us to be living vessels of mercy, a source of happiness that lifts others out of despair; a source of hope and joy that embraces all good works. Feeding the hungry, visiting the sick and praying for the prisoner. Christ has been each one of these. We see him daily on the street, do you just pass him by?

Christ compassion unfolds when we love one another and bring his Mercy to others. Jesus wants our hearts and when we give him our hearts, we will discover the goodness of God within us. We are living the call of Christ to have Mercy. All of us will be judged by our Mercy and Charity and how we treated each other. Jesus is Mercy and Compassion.

Mrs. Denise Fedie, OP

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