The Obligations of Love

The weekend of 30 Apr – 1 May 2022

On the physical plain, our physical plain, we can only express love in concrete ways.  One way is through words.  There are stronger ways though, better ways – through our actions.  Then there is the ultimate way to express our love for another:   to give our lives for them.  On our physical plain, there can be no better way to express love than this.

Peter was asked three times if he loved Jesus.  Jesus tells him three times what he must do if the love he has for Jesus is true:  Peter must feed Jesus’ sheep.  This will take a lot of effort and a fair amount of time and pain.  

When Peter is pulled before the Sanhedrin, he is accused of spreading the news of Jesus throughout Jerusalem.  The Sanhedrin tells Peter to cut it out and lets him go.  This is the beginning of Peter’s obligation of love to Jesus.  Where will it end?

Peter is told that he has a choice – now – but that there will come a day when there will no longer be a choice.  A day when he will stretch out his hands and others will take him to where he would rather not go.  Love – true love – can have a heavy price even though it is given and accepted freely.

Are we ready?  Will we, too, work the will of He-Who-Loved-Us-First, despite its cost in effort, time, and even pain?  Ultimately, will we stretch out our hands and allow others to lead us to where we’d rather not go?  Is the love from God and the love we give to God worth such a high price?  Oh, yes.  Yes, it is.  All the saints attest to it, Jesus attests to it – the whole triune God attests to it.  It will not be easy; but what a life it will be!  What could be more adventurous?  More fun?!  It will be so, so worth it!

Ms. Cathie Lambert, OP

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