The Transfiguration

Sunday, March 13, 2022

Jesus wants to increase the faith of his disciples by his transfiguration; to strengthen them for what
will soon take place, his crucifixion and death. By giving them a taste of his future glory he is giving
them a taste of their own future glory. His clothes become dazzlingly white. He is accompanied by
Moses and Elijah who spoke of the exodus that he was going to accomplish in Jerusalem.

Peter, James and John, who accompanied Jesus, are blinded by an excess of light which is above human
power and hear a voice from the cloud saying, “This is my chosen Son; listen to him.”

How well do we listen to Jesus?

Unlike Peter, we need to be quiet before the Lord. We need to go to that place in our soul where we can speak to Jesus and, more importantly, listen to him speak to us.

This takes practice.

We should never become discouraged by distractions, but keep on striving to meet Jesus in that peaceful place where he communes with us.

Spending time in Adoration will increase our ability to achieve this through the power of the Holy Spirit. This Lent make an effort to attend Adoration and, also, to practice Lectio Divina.

Mrs. Peggy Brechtel, OP

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